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              ABOUT US
              TOP PRODUCTS
              About Us

                Huapu Piano Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, and it is situated in Luoshe Town of Deqing County, which is known as important city of wood and city of piano. Huapu is a Sino-foreign joint venture that engages in piano production. The company has introduced advanced equipment from Germany, Italy, Japan, and other countries. In 2005, the company introduced CNC piano production system to increase stability and accuracy of tone quality of piano.
                The total investment is increased by 4.4 times from 1997 to 2005, and total output is increased by 4.3 times from 1997 to 2004. Main components of piano such as string and hammer are imported from Japan and Germany. We have hired piano experts at home and abroad as consultant to ensure qualities our products. Our products are sold well in China as well as in South America, Iran, Ireland, American and other countries.

                The company firstly passed the ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certification. Favorable economic benefit comes from flexible management mechanism, and the company has formulated a set of complete talent incentive mechanism with principle of high quality, efficiency, multifunction, and simplification. Moreover, the company has established computer database network management to establish product-centered quality management mechanism.

                The company specializes in producing various horizontal and vertical pianos, including "Roland", "W.Jazz", and "Luodelaisi" 133, 131, 125, 123 and 120 vertical pianos, 275, 168, and 158 horizontal pianos. W. Jazz pianos are extensively exported to international markets. In 2004, Luodelaisi won the title of famous trademark of Huzhou City, and it was rated as recommended brand by Zhejiang Consumers' Association.

                All pianos are adjusted by excellent piano experts at home and abroad. The company has perfect product inspection methods and strong inspection force. Based on a complete set of quality feedback system, we can guarantee tone quality and pitch accuracy of our products. Our products have been rated as famous products and accepted products. The company is evaluated as famous enterprise of Zhejiang Province and Quality Trustworthy Unit. Moreover, the company is member of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce and Chinese Musical Instrument Association.

                Piano is not just a product but an elegant and honorable work of art. Huapu strives to create exquisite artwork and to create international well-known brand.

                Huapu piano can show charm of music. Adhering to tenet of “customer satisfaction”, Huapu will offer you high-quality pianos.

              Contact Us
              If necessary, please contact us, we look forward to your call, thank you!
              Special Wood Industrial Park, Zhejiang, China